Debug invalid proof

If your proof is invalid, you can debug this issue by following these steps:

1. What document hash was archived?

Copy the constancy (base64 format) to ASN1 parseropen in new window

Here we can see that the hash that was archived is 809f29ee70a455a34b4077b314619697824ec80b85eb8960922a3389092fefd8


2. What is the actual document hash?

Upload the PDF hereopen in new window to see the SHA256 hash.

Here we can see that the hash of the document is 8decc8571946d4cd70a024949e033a2a2a54377fe9f1c1b944c20f9ee11a9e51

3. Conclusion

Keep in mind that the hashes shown previously are in hex format.

In our example we can see that our proof contained different hash than the actual document.

If this happens to you, please check that you generate correct SHA256 document hash (same hash as this toolopen in new window)

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