2. Set up

  1. In Nextcloud, on the blue top-bar, click on your profile picture. A dropdown menu opens, click on "Administration settings". admin settings screenshot
  2. In the left sidebar, click on "Electronic signatures". admin electronic signatures menu item screenshot
  3. Open a new browser tab and head over to eID Easy sign-up page and authenticate yourself either with one of the native methods or by setting an email and password: https://id.eideasy.com eideasy admin login screenshot
  4. Confirm your email address as required.
  5. Fill in the Website landing page address (this is the public URL of your Nextcloud instance) and other required fields. eideasy company form screenshot
  6. Set up a payment method as required. For pricing information see: Pricingopen in new window.
  7. Click on "My Webpages" in the left sidebar.
  8. Copy the client_id and secret to the corresponding fields in the Nextcloud Electronic Signatures app settings and click "Save" for both fields. eideasy client id and secret screenshotcredentials in nextcloud screenshot
  9. Done! You can now start signing documents.
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