API Credentials

API credentials are required in order to make requests to eID Easy API. In simple terms, API credentials are unique identifiers that you need to send along when making requests to an API. In our case, these unique credentials are the client_id and secret.

So, how can you obtain the client_id and secret? Well, it’s quite simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to our sign-up page at https://id.eideasy.com/open in new window and authenticate yourself
  2. Navigate to My Webpagesopen in new window and click "Register new webpage"
  3. Enter your website home page address (the exact address doesn't really matter here, it is just useful to remember which credentials are used for which app/website) and redirect_uri value. redirect_uri is the URI to which you wish to redirect the user after they've completed the authentication or signing process.
  4. Make a note of your site’s client_id and secret. You’ll need these when making requests to eID Easy's API.


Never give your secret to anyone or they will be able to use eID Easy services at your expense. Likewise, be mindful not to use the secret in your front-end code (end-users might see it) and not to accidentally commit it to a git repo.

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