Authentication (IDaaS)

Our IDaaS solution is based on OAUTH2 and it’s really as simple it gets. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. When the user wishes to be logged in, you redirect them to our login page. This page can be customized to your brand.
  2. They log in with their selected method, and they are redirected back to your site, with a unique token in their query parameters.
  3. Your server uses this token to get the user’s data from our server. You now know who the user is. You may use this info to log them in, recover their account, kick off their KYC process or whatever else is necessary.

We assume you have already obtained your API credentials. If not, follow this short guide. You will need them in the next steps.

Next, opt for a turnkey solution or implement the authentication by yourself.

P.S. we also have demo appopen in new window where you can see how our services work.

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